HURRICANE Irma has reached Cat 5 status, ensure your FLORIDA business is ready and protected with an IT disaster recovery plan.

Floridians have weathered many storms, and are once again being put to the test.  Hurricane IRMA could be one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever hit Florida. Winds are expected to pick up here as soon as Thursday—So you don’t have much time to safeguard your business technology.

The best way to ensure a speedy recovery for your business after the hurricane, is a properly designed IT Disaster Recovery Plan.  However, it must be established BEFORE the hurricane hits.

If you don’t, your physical data centers and computer networks could be out of commission. For those of you who’ve gone without an adequate disaster recovery plan, you know it’s a nightmare for your business.

Vertical IT can help—But don’t delay.  Contact us now to book our technicians to prepare your technology equipment and safeguard your data. (888) 505--8215

You Must Establish a Viable Disaster Recovery Plan. 

If Not, Your Business and Your Family’s Livelihood is at Risk.

Related Statistic: 40 percent of businesses in Florida could end up closing after suffering a disaster and data center downtime that lasts even one day.

Of course, there’s the non-business side of the story of Hurricane Irma, and there is the business side, which should be taken as seriously as threats to your family, home and belongings.

However, many people put their family’s safety first and neglect their business.  You need to take care of both!

Foregoing IT disaster preparedness planning is an oversight that could threaten your future ability to do business, and, indirectly bring financial disaster upon your household.

No one deliberately plans for this to happen, or says, “You know what? I’m going to put together a hurricane survival kit, but totally overlook my business and sacrifice it to the storm.”  However, this does happen.

I can’t stress this enough – Protecting your Florida business’ vital data, server and computer network is as important as protecting your home and family with an emergency preparedness plan.  

We Floridians are familiar with what usually goes into a hurricane preparedness kit or hurricane checklist. However, many business owners are still in the dark about the business IT side of it.

Sure, we all know how to board up windows, stock up on supplies, have a gas-powered generator and flashlights handy, etc. But, would you know in a day’s time how to put together a disaster-recovery plan for your computer network and business data survival?

Add These Items to Your Hurricane Preparedness Checklist.

Besides all the usual items on your hurricane checklist, you also need:

  • To ensure your vital, proprietary and client data stored on a secure off-site server.
  • Proactive business continuity and disaster recovery planning now, to save you untold costs in the long run.
  • Secure data backup from Vertical IT which is much cheaper than trying to recover or recreate lost data.

Florida Could Experience Catastrophic Damage!

Don’t Sacrifice Your Livelihood to the Storm

Residents of Florida know that you can’t gamble with Mother Nature. Don’t leave anything to chance. Your business assets and livelihood are worth it!

It’s time to contact Vertical IT. You only have a few days before Irma strikes. Our technicians will ensure you have a proper IT Disaster Recovery Plan in place.    (888) 505--8215

Remember, it’s vitally important to have a viable disaster recovery plan in place before Irma strikes Florida!

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