"The main reasons I continue to work with Vertical IT are: the unbelievable support I get from their staff. No matter how major or minor my issue is, they provide immediate resolutions in a timely manner. That is extremely important to me when sometimes something so small ends up being a bigger issue."

Ron Gove

Long’s Jewelers

"Vertical IT has helped us expand our IT capabilities and Paul’s expertise has been instrumental in ensuring our IT infrastructure continues to meet our needs. Having someone with Paul’s level of knowledge providing guidance on everything from hardware to implementations, has been a tremendous benefit."

Edward Flak

Facilities Pro-Sweep

"Our company grew quickly and we recognized that we needed a professional to handle the IT side of things.Vertical IT bought out the company that we had been contracted with. They came in and met with us and we signed a new contract with them."

Kelly Morris

Office Manager at ECW

"They make sure everything works smoothly everyday, and they’ve done a great job. Our network runs well, and having them on-board, when I have an IT issue, I can give them a call and they get here right away to fix it."

Scott Mulligan

Sales Engineer at Headhunter

"We don’t have much in the way of disruptions and downtime. I’d recommend them! They are very responsive and seem to know the latest technology."

Kelly Morris

Office Manager – ECW

"Vertical IT has assisted us at every turn – working to help control costs and to ensure our network and data were always available and protected. I find their service to be professional reliable and I highly recommend them as an excellent Tech Support vendor."

Business Client

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